AWCPE GSA Student Success Series [Fall 2022]

Dear AWCPE students,

I hope you are doing well and staying healthy. We are happy to announce our AWCPE GSA Student Success Series that will be happening from October 26, 2022 until November 17, 2022 (and hopefully will be continuing until Spring 2023). In this series, we invited wonderful speakers to cover different topics that might be helpful/useful for your journey to navigate success in our program (see Student Success Series Flyer).

We are giving away a $50 Amazon and 5 Starbucks gift cards to the participants who participate in our Student Success Series session(s). That said, if you participate in more than one session, you will have more chances to win the prize. For example, if you participate in 4 sessions, your name will be put in the drawing 4 times. The winners will be announced at our “End of Semester” event on December 2, 2022. Note: If you are the winner and won’t be able to join our end of semester event, we will send the gift card to you via email.

RSVP here!

We are here to support your journey towards success in the AWCPE program. If there are any other specific topics that you are interested in participating in, please feel free to mention that in the RSVP link, or you can contact the President of the AWCPE GSA, Dr. Somanita Kheang, via her email.

Thank you, and we look forward to having you in our Student Success Series sessions this semester!! Go Pack!